Vandi Mitchell – About Me

Vandi with Blossom at Meadowlark in Longmont COI believe that everyone wants and deserves to be seen, heard and understood—and that’s what I offer. No matter what you’re struggling with today, I am genuinely interested who you are—and who you are really. My overriding goal is to encourage, support and guide you in the process of discovering and embodying who you truly are so you can more fully connect with yourself and others.  

I’m a Colorado native, raised in Boulder by parents who instilled the ethic of advocacy, love of people and compassion on which my life’s work is founded. I was blessed to spend my formative years in a youthful and radical Boulder, surrounded by the mountains, unique culture and freedom of expression. As a young woman, I studied in Germany, in Mexico and at the University of Colorado Boulder, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Education while working at our family deli on Pearl St.

I left Colorado to pursue education, experience and adventure in diverse settings, from the ice fields of Alaska to the sweltering heat of the Amazon, with many stops in and along the far edges of the globe. In addition to a great deal of beauty, I witnessed and experienced heartache, grief, relational turmoil and loss across cultures and landscapes on the road that led me back home.  My husband and I returned to Boulder seven years ago with the dream of using our life experiences, education and careers to create a healing sanctuary.

In the intervening years that brought me full circle, I became many things, including a mother of four children, the mother of a childhood cancer survivor, a reporter, a foster parent, a certified teacher, translator, a writer, a child/family advocate and, shortly before returning home, a breast cancer survivor. As part of this life-long process, I came to appreciate and value each individual’s experience with compassion, insight and wisdom.

I know that healing is possible because I have made it through so many times—and so can you. I’m here to help.

I work with individuals of all ages, but because of my background, I am especially good with women, children and adolescents. I am passionate about early intervention, empowering all individuals, creating healthy, authentic relationships and the life-long process of self-discovery and mindful awareness. Given my life experiences and background, I am especially qualified to work with individuals and families coping with attachment issues and medical trauma/stressors. I raised four children, taught hundreds more and have also been a foster parent. I know the difficulties and joys of parenthood; the challenge of balancing family, relationships and work; the struggle to make ends meet; and how hard it is to find yourself in the midst of all that—and how essential it is that you do. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, over-worked, anxious, scared, depressed and dis-empowered, and how life-altering and life-affirming it is to actually become empowered.

My son was diagnosed with cancer when he was just two years old—and he’s now in his 30s. I understand first-hand the impact cancer can have on the entire family system, and also the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of living with a life-threatening illness, which is why I’m dedicated to working with individuals, families and groups around medical trauma/stressors, which includes relationships, grief, loss and transitions.

I obtained my first Master’s Degree in Human Services in order to work with siblings and families of children with cancer/life-threatening illness. I was just a few months into working as a chaplain at a hospital in Wyoming when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After working with a wonderful therapist/healer in California to integrate my own emotional, spiritual and relational experiences with the medical and physical aspects of multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation and alternative treatments, I pursued a degree in transpersonal counseling.

Transpersonal counseling allows you—welcomes you—to reintegrate and heal the scattered, fragmented and painful pieces of yourself with who you truly are, so that you can become whole again. I believe in the inherent ability of individuals to reach their highest good through the process of connecting with, identifying and becoming their authentic selves—and that this requires a holistic approach.

My main goal is to support and guide you in the process of discovering and embodying who you truly are so you can more fully connect with yourself and others.  

My approaches/modalities stem from my life philosophy and training—transpersonal/relational, gestalt, family systems and cognitive-behavioral psychology. I believe horses to be wonderful healing partners and friends, and am a certified gestalt equine therapist.  Drawing from this eclectic training and expertise, I shape my approach to fit each client’s needs.

I strive to create a safe, nonjudgmental environment—both emotionally and physically—where every client feels secure and supported.

Meadowlark Integrated Healing’s natural setting is free from outside distractions, which is refreshingly healing. I work with what is happening in the here and now with mindful awareness, addressing the past with respect to how it shows up in the present. In sessions, I listen with empathy and compassion, and provide support while safely holding the space for whatever emotions arise.  

Each session offers the promise of calm, clarity and connection, creating a new experience that will bring insight into your current situation and the tools to make your life work better.

Therapy is a time, an opportunity, for you to reestablish connections—authentic, true connections—with yourself and those in your life. I can help you make that change.

I invite you to call me at 720-534-1932 for more information or to schedule a session.

Feel free to email questions or information requests by clicking here.

Vandi Mitchell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from CU Boulder, an MS in Human Services from Capella University and a MA in Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University.  She is a graduate of the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies, an outstanding program that provides certified training in both horsemanship and gestalt therapy.

Vandi has pursued advanced academic training and post-graduate studies in Human Development, Cultural Awareness, Spanish Linguistics and Early Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education. A dedicated educational and social advocate for children and families, Vandi has served on multiple local, regional and state boards and committees in Alaska, Florida, Wyoming and Colorado.  

In the process of creating Meadowlark Integrated Healing, Vandi has discovered many valuable resources and developed a strong team of collaborators—including her physician husband, Dr. Kirk Mitchell,  so is able to offer a comprehensive, holistic approach to further enrich and supplement her therapeutic work.