Welcome to Meadowlark Integrated Healing

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Boulder County, with the foothills as a backdrop, Meadowlark Integrated Healing offers a serene refuge for those seeking a uniquely qualified, holistic approach to emotional and relational healing, growth and development in the privacy of a small, family-owned ranch.

Meadowlark Integrated Healing provides equine-assisted psychotherapy and experienced counseling for individuals, families and groups. In addition to private sessions, we offer full-day intensives and workshops designed to meet your specific personal, relational or professional needs.  Our areas of expertise include attachment issues, life-transitions and personal growth; medical trauma and stressors for patients, family members, caregivers and professionals; grief and loss; connection in relationship; and mindful horsemanship.

From the handcrafted barn to winding pathways along pastures and bird sanctuaries, our family-owned property is designed and dedicated to creating a healing environment for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Private professional counseling services and support groups are also available—work with horses is not required! Indoor counseling sessions are held in our warm, comfortable barn office or our spacious meditation room. Individuals and groups are always welcome to combine both indoor and outdoor sessions for comfort and variety.

Our professionally trained therapy horses are a unique combination of breeds. This dynamic, interactive herd creates endless opportunities for you, your partner, children, family or colleagues to develop relational awareness, insight and growth.

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All interaction with the horses is carefully and professionally supervised. Absolutely no equine experience is required. Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy is all about contact, connection and the development of authentic relationships with yourself and others. You are introduced to the world of horses at your own pace and comfort level, with safety as a top priority.

Horse therapy related activities are open-ended and uniquely varied, but typically include creating opportunities for contact through observation, movement, breathing, touching, grooming, haltering and leading. This unique gestalt process of deepening into the present moment, while securely in contact and relationship with the horse and therapist, fosters an ever-increasing awareness of self in the here and now and creates a natural opening for acknowledging and working through any issues that come to the forefront.

Equine therapy can help you change your life! Call Vandi at (720) 534-1932 for more information or to schedule a session.